Multi Branded Auto Dealership

“Our advertising budget is not large, so every dollar is squeezed. Rollins ensures we get more than what we pay for. Through intelligent negotiations with TV stations to daily monitoring of google to ensure our dollars are invested where we get the greatest return. Rollins invoices are always accurate and easy to read. “

Health, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Day Spas and Events

“After the initial consultation, Rollins Communications was able to help us with our digital marketing by focusing on our Google Ad Word Campaigns that made it easy for our clients to find us and book appointments through out website. We didn’t have to spend a lot of extra money. Thank you, Todd Rollins”

Health, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Day Spas and Events

“We have found that consistency in advertising is key for continued success to always let our clients know we are there.”

Window Fitting & Installation

“For a long time we had advertised on radio, but Todd showed us how to get us on television and to our surprise got us better results than anything we’ve done. Thank you, Todd Rollins!.”

Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Client

“Rollins Communications has made our life easy when it comes to digital advertising. For several years we used TV and Radio only. We were unsure how to proceed with google, Facebook and other online media. RC guided us in how to distribute our advertising budget for online media and traditional media. Our business has never been better.”

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